Multimedia projects 2


  • logo stamSTAM
    Ghent | 2010 
    i2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    Diverse multimedia applications... one hard- and software basis
  • Sedus Stoll
    Aalst | 2016
    logo sedus stolli2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    Engaging reveal
  • logo beguinage turnhoutProcessionale
    Turnhout | 2015 
    i2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    Variety in applications, i2f Media Products as a bridge
  • logo tourism kortrijkBeguinage Kortrijk
    Kortrijk | 2014 
    i2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
  • Expo 6 day cycling race
    Gent | 2015 
    logo huis van alijni2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
  • logo 75 years albert canal75 years Albert Canal
    i2f MediaBox | i2f MediaBrick
    Spotlights on... quiz
  • logo visitor centre hageland wineVisitor Centre Hageland wine
    Wezemaal | 2013 
    i2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    Renovation of a movie show with synchronization and easy operation
  • logo de loketten flemish parliament40 years Flemish Parliament
    Brussels | 2011 
    i2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    Touchscreen exhibit at short notice
  • logo durabrikInspiration room Durabrik
    Drongen | 2011 
    i2f MediaBox | i2f MediaBrick | i2f MediaController
    Multimedia support for corporate activities

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