Sedus Stoll, Aalst


Sedus Stoll Belgium was looking for an engaging and original way to receive its customers in the new showroom near Aalst.

Sedus produces high quality office furniture from its headquarters in the Black Forest. That inspired us to bring a bit of the Black Forest into Aalst.
In the portal, we project a forest image onto the entire surface of a sliding door. We gave the image a slight animation with fluttering leaves. In the background you hear the sound of a cuckoo.



Erik De keersmaecker, country manager of Sedus: "As soon as I hear the cuckoo, I know my client has arrived. But sometimes I have to go and get him out of his fascination or he wouldn't make it to the showroom..."

We also provided a stylish multitouchscreen with i2f MediaBox for the meeting room, with diverse possibilities such as sharing.


2016 - Sedus Stoll Belgium

webpage sedus stoll

Products used:

  • i2f MediaBox
  • i2f MBRK, MNET & CNCT v. 7