Train World, Brussels


Infrabel asked us to make two interactive applications for the new Belgian rail museum. A certain wow-factor was one of the main requirements.

We designed and brought to life these two set-ups:

"Timeline" in hall 1: interactive experience of the Belgian railway system from 1835 till now

Ingredients: a touchscreen and two projections with still images, video and the network map

The wow-factor lies in the use of the ancient pepperghost projection technique. Visitors are attracted by magical steam coming from a engine. When you lay a hand on the touchscreen, the map of Belgium slowly appears through the smoke. The engine disappears in the background and you find yourself looking at pictures and video together with the railway network of the chosen year.

train world pepperghost smoke

pepperghost timeline magical steam


- "Signal system" in hall 3: information on security and signal technology

Ingredients: three touchscreens, three plexi screens floating in space, one panoramic projection with three projectors

When you descend the staircase, your attention is drawn towards life-size animated images from the photo collection of Infrabel. Whilst you get immersed in a gigantic landscape, you can watch a selection of films about security technology on the transparent screens.

2015 - Schaerbeek Brussels

webpage train world

project case train world


Products used:

  • i2f MediaBox diverse formats
  • i2f MNET & CNCT v. 7
  • i2f CNTR v. 7