The Bridge of Vroenhoven, Riemst


For the double museum Under the bridge of Vroenhoven at the Albert Canal, Inter2Face has developed and installed two custom-made interactive applications (hardware and software):

  • The interactive floor, with Kinect sensor, shows the canal in 3D with a bird's-eye view. Little boats are moored. When someone steps across the floor, he will notice the boats follow him like ducks and the water shows a dynamic life.

interactive floor

  • The navigation simulator allows the visitor to take control over an inland vessel and to perform various tasks such as: navigate under a bridge, load containers onto the vessel, avoid oncoming traffic…
    Like a real captain, the player has three displays at his disposal for a good oversight and furthermore a touchscreen and joystick.

navigation simulator


Our commissioner, White Light NV, also installed 38 i2f MediaBoxes with the software i2f MediaProduct Suite v.7 for highly diverse multimedia applications in both museums (video displays, projections, touch applications …).
The entire installation is being supervised using i2f MediaController software.

2014 - The Bridge of Vroenhoven

webpage debrugvanvroenhoven

Products used:

  • i2f MediaBox (diverse formats)
  • i2f MNET & CNCT v. 7
  • i2f CNTR v. 7
  • Plug-ins: DMX_out, Webrelay_KMTronic, Pokeys