Fin de Siècle Museum, Brussels


Inter2Face won the assignment of the audiovisual-technical design and the realization of all multimedia set-ups in the fin de siècle museum:

3D visualization of 6 art nouveau houses

- 3D modelled reconstruction of six examples of Brussels art nouveau architecture

- creation of an attractive multitouch application, appealing to diverse target groups. The exterior as well as in interior of the buildings, of which the majority has been demolished, can be explored with multitouchscreens. Games make the application attractive for all ages.

touch application and poster




- Projection of available photographs, plans and drawings of art nouveau buildings, furniture, architects etc. with an interactive input from the multitouch screens





- Opera fragments that can be heard through a directional audio system

- Projection of five fin de siècle films from the Cinematek archives; simultaneous and synchronized from one i2f MediaBox and two projectors

The whole installation received a stylish integration. Devices have been invisibly mounted.

This multimedia installation is highly energy-efficient, thanks to an automated time schedule and the use of motion detectors. We have chosen projectors with a hybrid led-laser technology, thus reducing the cost of maintenance and consumables considerably.

2013 - fin de siècle museum

webpage multimedia in the fin de siècle museum


Products used:

  • i2f MediaBox medium & high ff
  • i2f MSCH & CNCT v.7
  • i2f CNTR v. 7