MOU, Oudenaarde 2012


We provided and installed hard- and software for the multimedia exhibits on the ground floor of the MOU (Museum of Oudenaarde and the Flemish Ardennes).

Background music, audio stories with a language choice via push buttons, commanding video images of Vauban synch with a multitouch table...

MOU audio play

The first room, "de Cale" has six large viewing screens mounted three by three in a metal construction between stone columns. Two i2f MediaBoxes each obey no less than 18 push buttons and furthermore play high definition video on 3 displays. Visitors can pick a theme. The smooth transitions between the background image with the icons and the video on the foreground are an application of our software.

Cale touch application

In 2016 we got the opportunity to adapt the electric circuits in order to resist the peak power during the start-up of the entire installation. We also improved the switching process by installing solid state relays.

The MOU is an example of a flawlessly, fully automatically operating museum filled with diverse multimedia applications!

Museum Oudenaarde and Flemish Ardennes

webpage MOU


Products used:

  • i2f MediaBox different formats
  • i2f MNET & CNCT v.7
  • i2f CNTR v.7